Daily Excecution, 2017DNA, 2017Battle Cry, 2017Battle Cry, 2017Battle Cry, 2017Lager ( eng. layer/storage) Death-an exhibiton about life, Liljevalchs, Stockholm 2016I´m your man, 2015Like a dog in heat, 2015Work the street alone, 2015Beast won´t go to sleep and Strike down I 2015Exhibition overview Hopstreet 2015Exhibition overview Hopstreet 2015Eating you alive at Galleri Format 2015Eating you alive, 2013Eating you alive, Galleri Format 2015Bodyguards are not enough at Haus Dietrich 2015Winners, Skandionkliniken Uppsala 2014Run back for pants, 2012Knochenbruch, 2006A piece of cake muscle life, 2010Lebenstreppe, 2011Primal stage, 2011Coexist, 2011